Health-e Law Episode 9: Remote Patient Monitoring Innovating Health Tech with Dr. Vipul Kella of Physio AI


Welcome to Health-e Law, Sheppard Mullin’s podcast exploring the fascinating health tech topics and trends of the day. In this episode, Vipul Kella, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Physio AI, joins us to discuss how innovations in remote patient monitoring (RPM) are revolutionizing the healthcare landscape.


What We Discussed in This Episode:

  • From a provider’s perspective, what are you seeing in terms of innovation?
  • How do you see innovations in RPM driving real-time improvements in outcomes?
  • Where does RPM technology come up short, and where can it be improved?
  • Would you say we’ve reached RPM 2.0?
  • As a practitioner, what would you like RPM 2.0 to look like?
  • What needs to happen from a reimbursement perspective?
  • What do you see as RPM’s role in monitoring and tracking value-based outcomes?

About Vipul Kella, M.D.

A Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Vipul Kella has extensive experience working with healthcare-focused industries, health tech companies, and hospitals to deliver results through revenue optimization, value-based solutions, digital marketing, remote physiologic monitoring, go-to-market strategy, and other advisory activities. He earned his M.D. at the University of Toledo and holds an MBA with an emphasis on Healthcare Administration from Johns Hopkins University, where he pursued an interest in Standard of Care and Administration, policy and decision-making in hospitals, and healthcare facilities from a business perspective.

About Sara Shanti

A partner in the Corporate Practice Group in the Sheppard Mullin’s Chicago office and co-lead of its Digital Health Team, Sara Shanti’s practice sits at the forefront of healthcare technology by providing practical counsel on novel innovation and complex data privacy matters. Using her medical research background and HHS experience, Sara advises providers, payors, start-ups, technology companies, and their investors and stakeholders on digital healthcare and regulatory compliance matters, including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), gamification, implantable and wearable devices, and telehealth.

At the cutting edge of advising on “data as an asset” programming, Sara’s practice supports investment in innovation and access to care initiatives, including mergers and acquisitions involving crucial, high-stakes and sensitive data, medical and wellness devices, and web-based applications and care.

About Phil Kim

A partner in the Corporate and Securities Practice Group in Sheppard Mullin’s Dallas office and co-lead of its Digital Health Team, Phil Kim has a number of clients in digital health. He has assisted multinational technology companies entering the digital health space with various service and collaboration agreements for their wearable technology, along with global digital health companies bolstering their platform in the behavioral health space. He also assists public medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the investment banks that serve as underwriters in public securities offerings for those companies.

Phil also assists various healthcare companies on transactional and regulatory matters. He counsels healthcare systems, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician groups, home health providers, and other healthcare companies on the buy- and sell-side of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and operational matters, which include regulatory, licensure, contractual, and administrative issues. Phil regularly advises clients on matters related to healthcare compliance, including liability exposure, the Stark law, anti-kickback statutes, and HIPAA/HITECH privacy issues. He also provides counsel on state and federal laws, business structuring formation, employment issues, and involving government agencies, including state and federal agencies.

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